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Заявление на пост лидера LSPD.

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Идеи по развитию фракции.
Стабильный онлайн.
Наличие микрофона.
Возраст 13+

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And therefore, having calmed down, Valya decided to give herself to her neighbor in revenge on her husband. To put it simply, she herself had wanted a man for a long time and simply did not find a decent reason to substitute the vagina for a neighbor's member, and here such a gift of fate from her husband. Moral anguish was thrown aside and we set about revenge. To begin with, they kissed long and passionately. While kissing, crushed all her tits. But it was inconvenient to wrinkle them through the dress, and therefore the dress flew off her body and sank onto the bench, forming a rag heap. And as soon as this luxury was within the reach of the lips, they did not disappoint. Grasping the nipple, they began to suck it, at the same time caressing it with the tongue. Valentine, sitting on my lap, tilted her head, substituting her neck for kisses.
Her hands and knees were shaking, without hesitation she sat on his lap and gave him a hug. He hugged her back, all exhausted, happy and still beyond understanding ... “How could she bring him to such an orgasm? Just an ordinary stupid girl! Extraordinary…”
- You better not ask. Let's drink a glass of wine for making every day so smooth and gentle.
I was already so nervous that my hands were all wet, and my heart was beating so hard in my chest that I could hear it in my ears like drums.
Feeling that I was excited, I decided to put Anyuta on her knees on a chair, but she said “wait” and ran into the room. As it turned out, she ran for a condom, lubricant and a pillow. I decided that we would just swap with her, she would stand on a pillow, and I would enter her from behind, as she had previously entered me, but I did not guess. Anya deftly removed the remaining glasses from the table, put a pillow on the edge of the table, for some reason made the kitchen light brighter and gave me a condom. While I was opening it and putting it on my penis, Anya stood with her back to me and injected her lubricated fingers into herself, developing her ass. I finished with the rubber, she turned to me, hugged me and whispered:
Oksana kissed him on the lips, and sharply hit her knee between her legs, Roman fell from pain, she pushed him away from her and ran sharply towards the hotel.
Can you imagine Katya, Serezha is being drafted into the army in a week.


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